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Project 04
Creating a Behance Portfolio

:: zip for final

  1. Create a new folder and name it: DTB_XD folder (or DTB_Figma) inside your 483f_web
    (it shoould be on the first directory)
  2. Download your cloud DTB XD (or DTB_Figma) file to local (save it into DTB_XD folder (or DTB_Figma) )
  3. Compress your 483f_web folder
  4. Drag the compressed zip file back to your 483f_web
    (it shoould be on the first directory)

483e-web zip (43.8 MB)


The Process

With over 24 million creatives around the world, Behance is an online platform built to help creatives showcase and discover the world’s best work. With deep integration into Adobe’s desktop and mobile apps, Behance enables members to quickly share their work and collaborate with team members at the click of a button. This lesson will help familiarize you with Behance and the different ways you can use the platform.

Final Due: May 20, midnight

My Behance site URL


  1. Create a Behance Account
  2. All Profile Information is Complete 
  3. Search and Explore: Appreciate and Follow 5 Peoples Projects, like Constantine Nasimov
  4. Discover: Follow GID-CSUF and 3 more galleries (Like XD) design studios( like PentagramDesign ),Teams like Shanghai Design Team, or Art movement like Bauhaus Movement
  5. Add at least (4) of your best Portfolio cases. Be sure to include:
    • Name Your Project
    • Description of Project
    • At least 5 tags (keywords)
    • Creative Fields
    • Tools (Software used)
    • License
    • Show design process steps

Extra Information

If you are not sure about the standard font, label and icon size of the IOS system, it is best to check Apple's Human Interface Guidelines: Site link

Apple Design Resources for iOS include Sketch, Photoshop, and Adobe XD templates, along with comprehensive UI resources that depict the full range of controls, views, and glyphs available to developers using the iOS SDK. Download this XD Template below, published on Oct 23 this year!!!