483F | 2021 Spring

Dump the Bump App Iteration

Proj 03 | UI Design Process

About this project

01: What Is The Purpose (Goal) Of The Design?

The purpose of this design is to create a welcoming environment for new mothers. Each of the sections are a different color to have its own emotion tied to it.

02: Who Is The Audience?

It is aimed mostly for new mothers but can be for new fathers who may need help also with raising a child. This is to mostly help the user stay active and keep a balanced schedule for anyone who needs preparation and assistance for their current positions.

03: What Message Needs To Be Communicated?

The message that would need to be communicated is that many parents do not take care of themselves too well as they put all their effort into raising their child. To take care, they would need external help to notify them that they should keep a goal in mind for themselves as well as their child.

04: What Is The Competition And Marketplace?

Since this app is about losing weight, there are many trackers out there but separated from each other. For the breastfeeding section, there are a couple of apps that track the use of either breast, and a bottle fed variation. They track for how long with a timer that is self input. There is not much information as to instructions so I have added a section for that too.

05: What Is The Context?

This is mostly a phone or mobile device like a tablet. The breastfeeding section is a small timeframe because the the baby grows really quick. To combat this there can be a calender of when to start and when to stop breastfeeding and keep an entire log of the activity.

06: In What Voice?

This suitable for a nursing station where you can get help and be surrounded by other mothers who would help in a new mother's endeavors.

07: What Kind Of Response Is Desired?

For the mother or parent to feel welcomed and not be alienated using the app.


Updated Section Site map

Logo Marks + Logo Type (B/W)

Refined Branding Ideas(With COLOR)

Multiple Levels Navigation Icon sets (B/W & Colors)

Color Assets- Visual Hierarchy & Aesthetic

Type Assets–Visual Hierarchy & Aesthetic  

High fidelity Mockups with annotations

Context of Use

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