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4 Apps I Like

  1. Spotify

    Category: Music

    Rating: ★★★★☆


    Spotify is an app that supports musical artists and has the ability to have music on the go by downloading and streaming music on any hardware, from a computer to a mobile device.It helps me study and work on the tasks I have on hand. Getting through the day without music can be challenging. The app is setup beautifully and very easy to use!

  2. Twitter

    Category: Blog

    Rating: ★★★★☆


    Twitter is a blog site but only for in the moment blogs. Searching by in the moment events and trending topics. Keeping up to date with all the latest news in a simple app that makes short blogs very easy and simple. It helps me keep up with current news on many people I keep up with, from streams, to events, to the smallest rants.

  3. Netflix

    Category: Video

    Rating: ★★★★☆


    Netflix has one of my top spots for video streaming as it was one of the apps originating home video streaming at a monthly price. It updates frequently and has many good shows to watch and many originals that can easilly streamed. Stranger things is one of many shows that can be binged which will keep you watching till the very end.

  4. Discord

    Category: Chat

    Rating: ★★★★☆


    Discord is my preferred voice chat for gaming. It allows me to connect with my friends online who also play games. It can be a hangout voice chat but if we decide to play, all of us get in on it. The app has many features that allow a chat to be private or publlic. Many voice channels and chats can be made to keep the messages organized and categorized.

My daily life - 10 Activities

10 activities of daily living
01 Shower 15 Minutes
02 Driving 1 Hour
03 Work 5 Hours
04 Cooking 1 Hour
05 Food 1 Hour
06 Liquids 30 Minutes
07 Phone 3 Hours
08 Music 3 Hours
09 Gaming 3 Hours
10 Sleep 8 Hours