Project 02: CSS – The Visual Presentation

An online magazine - Magazine masthead

Design Process

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 01: Topic


  1. Vir-Duality

  2. Screentime

  3. Connected

  4. Plug

  5. Start

  6. ON

  7. MemorE

  8. Eletech

  9. buttonmash

  10. Analog

  11. Playstyle



+  Homepage Masthead 

+  3  featured articles | HTML: Story 01 | HTML: Story 02 | HTML: Story 03

03. Hierarchy

Mark up all html document and set overall content hierarchy

h1= Masthead / magazine brand

h2= Section tile

H3 = Article title

H4 = Article section title

H5 = Article subsection title

H6 = Article subsubsection title

Magazine Proposal:


Anyone who can pick up a controller and is willing to learn how the game is played, teaching younger audiences hand eye coordination and older people to learn about the technology and purpose of making a video game.

Definition of your magazine

People who play video games and would like to learn to play and maybe make video games. Learning from this experience can be applied to lots of many solutions to many problems through trial and error.


-Getting to know the behaviors and knowledge that can be gained from playing video games

Players who can learn by playing video games through simple engineering

-Behind the scenes for video games and how some are so simple yet complex

Website: Homepage | Article 01 | Article 02 | Article 03

Google Slides (PDF)